Condominium is the process of establishing a condominium ownership. Condominium ownership means owning an apartment or any other space (office space, garage, attic space) connected with corresponding ownership space (ideal part) property consisting of land with a building, or the right to build on it. Settling all of the documentation related to the condominium by legal regulation (NN 60/2010), which come into force on 21 May 2010.


What can go under condominium?

Conduminium is possible for family houses with two or more conduminium units but conduminium is possibe for bigger buildings with hundred condominium uinits.

What are preconditions for conduminium?

Building must be registerd in land office and land register.

What is achived with condominium?

Coondominium establishes you as the owner of an appartmant, office, garage or any other space, and coowner of an ideal part of the whole building (land with a building or the right to build on it . After condominium owner gets legal documentation. In condominium legal expert implements construction process which provides the owner with legal ownership verification.   

Condominium process consists of three parts:

colecting documentation

condominium elaboration

condominium legal process


For condominium elaboration it is necessary to bring these documents:

plan of approved building project or city archive (come along with building permit)

building permit or permit about date of construction

copy of cadastral plan

transcript of ownership document

land registry folio.

The aim of conodminium elaboration is to get so called Porposal for registration that the lawyer uses to draw up a segmentation contract according to which the legal ownership document will be made.