ĆITIĆ GRADNJA d.o.o. Split
Pujanke 24a
21000 Split


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The most important factors for investors are the price of the building, honesty, speed and quality of the construction works. Ćitić gradnja d.o.o. guarantess that with its long experience. It all begins with the idea. And nothing ends without hard work. But the road from the idea to its realisation in the form of the building ca resemble the real labiriyth. To find the land, do all the paper work... you have already had enough? And that is just the begining. Our team can help you to reach targeted aim. We will do all the necessary work. You are out of ideas what to do? You have an endless number of wishes and different visions? No problem: that is our speciality setting up the aim for our clients.And thinking of the way how to achived it.

We build together

We do not build castles in the air... but not because we couldn't! Our philosphy is that we don't build inprofitable projects for our clients. Nowadays, when everyone takes care of his own fortuna, this philosphy might seem strange, but we really do belive that mone is not everything. Money is important but it is equile important to help others with your knowledge bets way possible. So if you are looking for trust worthy and flexible partner which will equaly take care of his and you intarests you have turned to the best company.We hope that you will become one of our setisfied costumers.


We have been working for 15 years as a private construction company. We usually perform works in construction such as residential and business buildings, halls and industrial buildings, malls, hotels, apartments, buildings and family houses. We are also specialised in constructing swimming pools, walking paths, rearranging various terrains, performing building repairs, renovations and reconstructions. We build from foundation to roof, using the system of turn-key or rough building (roh-bau).Machinery, tools, equipment and rich experience of our employees, acquired both on our sites and on building sites abroad, make us more efficient.We have a continuous, accurate and high-quality record of cooperating with renown manufacturers and suppliers of materials and equipment and also with several renown banking houses.For all types of construction, if necessary, we may engage additional capacity of our permanent associates, or companies with years of experience, with which we cooperate.

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dir. Ante Lovrić